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Futureproof Your Business With Superfast NBN

Push the boundaries of your business further by preparing for the future in Australian communications. Get connected to the National Broadband Network through Nexgen.

Upgrading to NBN will give your business access to solutions previously only available to larger businesses.
With super-fast internet speeds and a great range of voice services, you can transform the way you work with high definition video conferencing, remote working and cloud computing.

So your business can be even more productive, efficient and customer focused.

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NBN: What You Need to Know

Fast and reliable broadband is the secret to increasing business productivity. The National Broadband Network (NBN) means all Australians will have access to fast broadband, regardless of where you work.

What is the NBN?

It's a new communications network to replace the existing copper system.It will mean you get voice and data over the NBN, which will open up new opportunities for your business. Increased speeds, greater reliability which means quicker downloads and better streaming. It’s being rolled out by the government-owned NBN Co but you’ll need our NBN experts to switch so there is minimum disruption to your business.

What it Means For You

NBN has the potential to increase your productivity and collaboration, help cut costs and give you more ways to connect with customers. Faster speeds will mean quicker downloads, reliable HD video conferencing, remote working and more – all delivered down the same line you use for your office phone.

What Does Getting NBN Connected Involve?

Once an order is placed, NBN Co will attach an NBN Utility box ‘outside’ your main business premises, and an NBN Connection box ‘inside’ your main business premise or communications room. Nexgen will then set you up to make the most out of the new fast connection. In NBN Fixed Wireless areas, an outdoor antenna will be fitted to businesses that are within range of the NBN signal.

What the NBN Means For Your Business

HD video conferencing, smart call management, fast downloads, remote working, cloud computing, media streaming. These are just some of the NBN benefits for your business and they’re all available through our range of products and services. Overall it means your business will have access to more services, faster.

Better Business Solutions

Our NBN business products are aimed at maximising your NBN experience and ensuring it has the optimum impact on your business.

Better Ways to Collaborate

Always talking to your customers? With our products on the NBN you still enjoy excellent business phone calling rates. And you can get the most from the latest handsets thanks to features such as video calling and sharing calendars.

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